Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"A Felon Did A Better Job"

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  The village e-diot got bounced from the democratic ballot for common council ward 6!!!!

All the fireworks in China can't express the joy it brings me that Theresa Grafflin, self appointed public advocate, was not intelligent enough to collect 104 signatures.  In a ward that is 70% democrat (nearly 1900 dems) she collected 155 and 40% of them were invalid.  Here is another awesome job by TUs JCE:  Knocked Off

Oh wait, that smells fishy.  Hold on.  hmmmm.  Did she forge some of those signatures?

I asked one of my peeps about this and it is entirely possible.

See, the law only requires the signature, not the printed name.  So, she could have just as easily sat on her vodka coffee table, and just signed signatures and filled in addresses.

Yeap, sounds like a possibility to me.

Mathematically, how can she be so far off?  I mean even if she just goes door to door without a list the probability she can get 40% wrong when only 30% of the voters ineligible to sign is strange.

She is lazy, so not likely she used a list to properly vet voters.

Yo, Soares, my brotha, you may have something here.  And don't worry, she is not an Occupier so you can investigate and prosecute.  Chop, chop, get to it.

Got to see a tweet sent by Nlebron quoting his bro ALebron  "a felon did a better job at collecting signatures than her"


AlbanyCitizenNotAsGoodAsAFelon is done!

Felons are great at two things:  Collecting signatures and making license plates.
One day, Theresa will learn the latter.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

And the Pot Calls the Kettle Black?

Village E-Diot Theresa Grafflin

This past Thursday there was a surprise filing for office for the city's common council:  Agapito Lebron Jr.  Yes, from that Lebron line!

It's no secret I like Nathan Lebron.  Some idiots have gone as far as to suggest that we are the same person.  But now I gotta be careful as there is more than one Lebron.

As you may or may not know, our village e-diot Theresa Grafflin is running for city council of the 6th ward.  Apparently she is trying to ingratiate herself with the new power in town, McCoy.  See, her sugar daddy Jennings is not running again and since she has burned every bridge with every other candidate, the welfare barnacle is looking for a new gravy boat.

ALebron apparently has a criminal record.  I normally don't care for candidates who are criminals but in this city we've had a pimp become alderman and other "felons" run for office.  Shit, Marion Barry was reelected mayor of Washington DC AFTER the FBI caught him smoking crack while he was mayor.  And don't get me started with Spitzer.

So ALebron filed petitions for common council to run against the hag under the indy and rep lines.  HILARIOUS!

But wait it gets better!!!!

NLebron responds to a post she did on her blog.  Nancy Drew did some "investigative" work and "discovered" more information THAT WAS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC!

What's great is that she allowed his comment through and then deleted it.  Weird Right?!

Hmm why would she do that? (BTW she has also deleted her post calling Ellis a monkey 4 years ago and the one where she blamed the city's firemen for breaking into her apartment and stealing her laptop)

So I emailed NLebron to see if he had a copy of the response and sure enough, he did:

"There is truly no limit  how low you can go.

I had a serious talk with Pete about running and the pitfalls he may encounter with someone like yourself.  He still wanted to do it.

If I had the time or even the interest, I'm sure your readers would be interested to see the questionable past you have paved for yourself.  And the authorities in the state of Texas and Pennsylvania I'm sure would offer some interesting reading.

After a serious discussion with my brother he actually thought it comical that Elliot Spitzer was running so he went for it.  Perhaps you are the madame he is running against.

I love my brother and wish him the best.  I'm here to help him in anyway. 

Before I forget, my IP is"

I can't put my finger on it but something didn't sit right with her.  I wonder what it could be?

The state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.