Friday, November 23, 2012

The 46th Senate District In Under 12 Posex

I love Star Wars, period.  With the exception of that disaster JarJar Binks, the SW movies were great.  If you ask me today which one is the best, I will change my mind daily because I can easily come up with another reason to like a different episode.

So, I saw this blog post on the Daily Gazette which made an attempt to compare the electoral race, specifically the vote count, to the Star Wars movies.  David Lombardo, the writer of the post, actually drew a parallel between Copy-Tkaczyk and Amedore to the rebels and the Empire.  In case you missed it, Cece is the Rebels and Amerdore is the Empire.  BTW, much props to the Gazette, they have done a great job covering this race unlike some other papers we know: Is The Force With Tkaczyk

Maybe in a galaxy far far away can facts be distorted to bring an aura of "underdog" to an unaccomplished lightweight deficient in metachlorians like Cece and make Amedore (who I have refered to UmpalumpAmedore) the evil bad guy.  But for those who paid attention to the race, Cece is not an innocent little rebel and Amedore ain't evil.

Cece was backed to the tune of almost (and place your pinky finger in your mouth as you read this) $1,000,000 dollars from NYC politicians and special interests.  Yes, a cool million.  Amedore actually raised his own money and while he too received special interest money, it was a fraction of what Cece, the poor little victim, received.

Not to mention the efforts that democrats put forth at universities like UAlbany, to rig votes in her favor.  If Lombardo really wanna do some invertigative reporting, start looking at the garbage that went on at the UA.  BTW, UA has always been used my the democrats to rig local races, just ask Whalen III and Jennings and their voter registration parties.

The T is Silent
If you want a Star Wars analogy to fit the 46th SD race, Cece is JarJarBinks, walking around clueless as to what is really going on, no idea what to think (Greene County democrats gotta release that tape with her answer on hydrofracking) waiting for someone to tell her what to say and what to think.

"Duh, the district was designed for me!"
Seeing an opportunity, the evil empire, NYC, uses the opportunity to prop up JarJar as the savior of the galaxy.  Amedore is Hansolo just looking for an opportunity to get a run gig on his Millenium Falcon, still thinking it can do 12 posex, ignoring the "Check Engine" light telling him that maybe the trip is not going to go as fast as he had hoped.

The Board of Elections is the bar scene where they realize who ever wins this race, has already promised their loyalties to someone else but the people of the Galaxy.
Board of Elections still counting.

I am really against fracking
The issues DAMN IT!
I guess the other two decent candidates in the race, Dolan and Miranda are Chewbacca and The Queen of the Naboo.  Chewbacca always means well but comes across as abrasive and clumsy.  The Queen only thinks about her people but the Evil Empire is always hatin' on her and she always finds herself, by herself with her values.

Lombardado, cute but poor attempt at underdogging Cece you did!

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