Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Out Party!!!

I hate when someone is given accolades for shit they did not accomplish.  Worse, I hate someone is called a hero for not doing anything remarkable.

However, I love watching history unfold.  With technology, there are a million different ways to witness some cool shit.

So, what do I think about Jason Collins coming out?  Not much.

Gays have faced discrimination that most could not imagine.  There was a time when being gay was considered a mental disorder and many where either killed or sent to "mental" hospitals to be "treated".

In fact, a mere suspicion of homosexuality could get someone fired or sent to jail.  And whats crazy is that it was not that long ago.  I mean, I still remember Laramie, Wyoming; and that was in 1998:  Matthew Shepard

Jason Collins is being called "courageous" for revealing his sexuality, publicly  as a professional athlete.  Not exactly Jackie Robinson but since sports is the last sanctuary for heterosexuals males, I guess it's something.

But before JC decided to come out, many truly courageous people risked everything to be openly gay.  And quite frankly, I rather them get the historical accolades of heroism.

Here is a brief history lesson: Coming Out History

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


By now you have heard or read about how Democrat Senator Malcolm Smith tried to buy the republican NYC ticket so he can get tax dollarz to run for office.  AND how the GOP was more than willing to sell it.

To some of you this only happens in big cities like NYC, Detroit, and DC where the GOP has nothing to offer and the people have given democrats carte blanche on anything they feel like doing.  BUT.... what makes you think it doesn't happen in other places like, I don't know, ALBANY!!!!

So let me explain in the only way I can, sparing you the editorializing the media has done on this story.



In NYC, the perps were arrested and are going to face serious time.  But in Albany, they are planning their next reelection campaigns not to mention a legislator who wants to run for congress.

Dear FBI:

Amtrak offers fast service from NYC to Albany, daily.  The trip takes just under 2:30 hours and now the trains have WIFI!  Come, stay a while, and make sure the county jail gets it's fair share of white collar criminals.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Marlon Anderson - 是哪个汉语成语的英译

Bozo has nothing on this clown.   Meet Marlon Anderson!

MA "ran" for mayor of Albany in 2009.  I say "ran" because after been incapable of making it on the ballot as a democrat, he "ran" as a write in and didn't write his own name down.  That's right, he didn't think HE was good enough to be mayor of Albany.

BUT gotta give the brotha props for being "involved".  He shows up at common council meetings, makes his 5 minute public comment (all citizens have this right, not just Marlon) and leaves.  But he does go to every council meeting and I know council people who don't have that kind of attendance record.

He has recently organized a number of forums to brag about how he is the man and is just awesome introduce candidates and bring attention to gun violence.  Big props because there are some characters thinking about running for office who have organized nothing.

I am bringing this up because he is announcing his intentions to run, once again, for mayor of Albany.  I had someone send me a copy of his facebook invite:

The library is located on 148 Henry Johnson Boulevard.

So bring your swag lacking fake pimps to this narcissistic event.  Please keep in mind he loves Asian women as he has so stated so many times, inappropriately, on other TU blogs.

Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times".  
Damn you Chinese, Damn you!!