Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Paladino taught Rip Van Lazio a lesson. The Siena and Quinnipiac polls were WRONG and not even close. They should not credited as being real polls. They missed it big time. In any other profession you would be fired.

The Wizard on W.Gerald.D.Jennings is all excited but he is a Jennings supporter who ignore candidates like Carl. Now he is conveniently having technical issues and can't take calls. And Hannity did not look well cause his boy got schooled. Now I want Carl to win because Cuomo is nothing, another ghettocrat looking for his shot at daddys old chair.

Buffalo told downstate, "yo, we ain't no joke and keep that weak ass nonsense in da projects" If Buffalo was a gang, they just kicked out NYC out their turf. I'm from Brooklyn but I like that!!!!

I should start going to tea party meetings with a mug of Earl Grey.

Gay Bald Dude lost and that's too bad. Breslin looks like a pelican and needs to fly south for the rest of his winter. Domenici, you're our only hope.

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