Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paladino and Levy for Lt. Governor

Here's whats up:

Paladino and Edwards are on the GOP line
+ Lazio and Edwards on the Conservative line
+ Paladino and Ognibene on the Tax Payers line
= Cuomo becomes governor.

You see, because NY is the worst state to run for office, NYorkers can only vote for Paladino on the GOP OR Taxpayers line. Because the Lt. Guvs are different, they cannot combine the totals. In other words, Paladino can get more votes than Baby Bing and still lose. Got it? Good. Al Gore is laughing his environmental ass off!!!! Before you agree, remember that if Al won his home state of Tennessee, Florida would not have mattered. GW Bush is now laughing his Texan ass off!!!!

The only hope is for the tickets to look the same. So if Edwards steps down with Ognibene, Lazio can patch things up with Paladino and have a unification ticket. But keep in mind that energy is equal to mass times the constant of light squared. Alvogrados number does not apply as it relates to the gravitational pull of mass. Vander Walls forces are used for atomic particles as protons and neutrons and does not include the parabolic tendencies of electrons. I got it!

That will not happen. Yo, Paladino, pick someone new and forget Edwards and Rip Van Lazio. I have an idea, Steve Levy. Your only chance to beat Baby Bing.

But if Lazio is the guy, a double covalent bond might do the trick. Paladino can teach Rip Van Lazio how to run a real campaign and Lazio can teach Carl how to talk like he went to college.

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