Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Primaries

Primary time. So vote and be heard.

I don't belong to any party but if I did:

Martland vs Breslin - Breslin is a cadaver that needs to be sent home. I am done with the Breslin pups. Gay bald dude has ballz. Vote Martland!!!

Attorney General - Pro Choice Candidate Rice has not voted for 20 years. Dems should return the favor. Schneiderman and Brodsky are state legislators and I have had enough of them. Dems, your only choice is Coffey or Dinallo both good choices. I like Coffey.

Surrogate Court Judge - Doyle has really nice legs. She is experienced and knows the job like nobody's business. But was censured and associated with the infamous Spargo. Heath Roland is hot! My boy says she looks like Maya Rudolph. But she's too angry to be judge. Murray Carr is a good choice even for a lawyer. BTW, keep in mind that this a 10 year term. So chose wisely. I Like Carr.

Republican Governor - Rip Van Lazio has fallen asleep on upstate and has no bread to keep running. El Cid Paladino has money and no political experience. Baby Bing Cuomo has accepted the WFP endorsement which means he is not going to change anything. It also means he may not think he has it in the bag. I wished El Cid didn't send those emails. This is the only time being a republican might be exciting. Remember, this IS between upstate and downstate. Paladino! wait, Lazio wait Paladino wait Lazio wait............

Bernsten vs Townsend - Both are great but I like 007 in congress so Go Gary.

Blakeman vs Dioguardi vs Malpass - Dioguardi gets the problem and I love the commercial with the voting credit card. I also have the hots for his daughter Cara on American Idol

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