Wednesday, June 6, 2012

109th Assembly Circus!!!!

On any given day the circus is in town, you can see the libs protesting animal abuses.  But they are pretty quiet when it is election time and the circus is back abusing the people.  Libs like animals more than people.

So in case you have missed the cast of characters running for the democratic nod for the 109th assembly district here is a tally so far:

Frank Commisso Jr
Pat Fahy
Chris Higgins
Margarita Perez
William McCarthy
Jim Coyne
I could vote for Frank and William.  Perez is another ghettocrat looking to help out NYC, Higgins is a county legislator, Pat, well, just look at our schools and taxes, and Jim Coyne, I wanna like the dude but he is an excon who went to jail for government contract kickbacks.

And that is your democratic party!!!!

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