Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pedro Staffer Running for Senate:Tkaczyck (Updated)

Thanks to John Paul I decided to make some corrections.  See not only am I not perfect, I admit it like a good boy!  BTW, I also misspelled Tkaczyk.  However, I don't usually cap parties when I am pissed at them.  Also, I got the idea of the chalk board from Glenn Beck.  See, I even give credit where credit is due.

This is too damn complicated to explain.  But apparently the democrats in the republican invented 46 senatorial district have been tripping themselves over Cecilia Tkaczyk.  Duke University proved you don't need to know how to pronounce someone's name in order to be a winner.  But a bit of integrity would help.

So instead of explaining why she is another democrat disaster, I thought I'll GlennBeck this thing for ya.  Now that she forced me to post twice in one day, I really dislike her:
GlenBecking Pedro Espada and Tkaczyck
UPDATED - GlennBecking Pedro Espada and Tkaczyk


  1. Totally agree! But, no, it's not that damn complicated. How about CONVICTED of federal charges/crimes. And why even bother mentioning Glenn(two N's)Beck. Why lower yourself by imitating him? And if you're gonna post, use spell check (endorsements, indictments and campaign) and proper capitalization (Republican,Democrat, Senatorial, Duke University. You'll enhance your credibility.

  2. Well, if you couldnt spell her name, how many others will be able to do so correctly? Can you pronounce it?

    Why would people believe a hand-picked candidate by the democrats would do better than others? Shes being groomed by the Schenectady party leaders, and if people are following that county, then you would know folks there are machine with a capital M.

    One has to ask why they would pick a farmer with a bachelors degree in agriculture, worked for 2 years with senate dems, and is a member of some knitting club.

    Schenectady Democrat committee leaders have been making deals behind the scenes, calling other county committees to get them on board to support the farmer candidate. Not because they want to win, clearly Amedore would crush her in a debate, better yet, he would not even debate her, why bother?

    The dems are a fraud, lets face it. The curruption is evident and voters are so stupid they are not paying attention.

  3. Thanks Paul, made corrections. How can these democrats line up behind someone so tainted by Pedro?

    Dems, move on and pick someone with some degree of integrity. You cannot take the Umpa Lumpa lightly, he will destroy her in the debates.

  4. Anonymous, do you think the Schenectady democratic machine is in bed with Amedore to give him a guaranteed win? You know if you look closely, a lot of dems and reps around here have six fingers and have family trees that do not branch.