Monday, June 18, 2012

Miranda Has Video Ads

I will not be making a habit of a being a mouth piece for a candidate.  Yes, yes, yes I like Lebron and the ballz he brings to the game.  But you know the regressives and the Machine were not going to allow this brotha to even be known, you know, being a republican and all.  So I did my part in bringing some Chi balance into the game.  I was so good that I have idiots like the machine blogger AlbanyCitizenWah, and Scavo, and The Nurse, and others claiming I am Lebron.

But Miranda, in a weird way, has the same problem.  She is a democrat, very left and guess what?  The democratic machine in Schenectady and Ulster don't want her to succeed.  Notice how the hypocrite left is all quiet.  Can't hear a peep.

All I know about Monica Miranda is that she has busted her ass to get the left more voters, and more democrats.  She busted her ass to get Obama elected and to help out other candidates.  And in return for her loyalty, nothing. Nada, Zilch!

So, before CopyTkaczyk and the TU conspire once again to make Miranda look bad, I thought I post these vids she had on her website.  Nice and short 30 second spots.  The TU normally does a blog post or two when a candidate does video but they will wait for CopyTkaczyk to follow someone else.  Then it will look like she's a forward thinking genious.

Expect More

The Right Choice, Right Now

Experience Matters

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