Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Xerox Funding CopyTkaczyk? Updated!

I told you on a previous post that Cecilia Tkaczyk, who I so lovingly call CopyTkaczyk, has no ideas of her own and just goes around lifting anything her opponents are doing.  And you probably thought I was smoking cheap weed again and didn't know what I was talking about.  Then I proved it to you by showing you a press release debacle where one of her challengers, Monica Arias Miranda, beat her on an issue but Cici's willing accomplices in the TU covered for CopyTkaczyk.

Tkaczyk Strikes First
Email Trail of Crumbs

Then I said that CopyTakczyk is an empty suit willing to regurgitate anything anybody tells her.  Remember?

Ok, well, wait for it!

Wait for it!

Wait for it!


Yes, the Xerox candidate is lifting another idea from another opponent, this time is Tom Dolan.  Dolan who was unanimously endorsed by the Albany County Democrats decided to create an independent line to oppose fracking.  I think the party is called the No Fracking Party.  Cool.

Now CopyTkaczyk is creating a Save Our Schools party line to appear on the november ballot regardless of what happens on primary day.  All courtesy of the Troy Democratic Party ...........errrrrrr......... The Working Families Party.  Yes, I have friends who are WFP and think the parties endorsement of CopyTkaczyk is a farce.

People, democrats specially, please pretty please pay attention.  Not only is she a terrible candidate but she's apparently for sale to NYC.


Since I refuse to post twice in one day, I am going to update this post instead.

CopyTkaczyk held a press conference on education exactly the day after Miranda was on the radio talking about the education funding formula.

Here is the radio interview with Miranda:

And here is that press conference of CopyTkazyk:
Tkaczyk Press Conference

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