Monday, August 27, 2012

Karlin Found Guilty of Tax Fraud

Funny thing about the IRS and taxes, just like a divorced wife, they want their money!  So when you fail to file tax forms, the official invoice of the IRS, you can only imagine how pissed they are going to be.  Now imagine missing 6 invoices.

So the US Court of Appeals Third Circuit sent their hitmen after Jack Karlin back in 1986 for failing to pay taxes.  Here is the decision

Why would I post about this?  If you read the TU then the title probably grabbed your attention.  You probably though I was referring to Rick Karlin, writer for the Times Union.  Well, I was just trying to a make point.  If the power of suggestion is as powerful as many think it is, then "Karlin" and "Tax Fraud" will stick in your head and you won't vote for Pete Lopez for Assembly in the 102nd district.


Rick wrote the following blog about Pete Lopez Lopez Stripped Of Housing Committee Interns Over Sex Harass.  Ooops I meant Vito Lopez, ghettocrat from Brooklyn.

See, the TU is the paper of record in this area, the NY Times is the paper of record in NYC.  When I read that Lopez was in trouble I instantly thought of Pete not Vito.

Maybe exactly the suggestive intent the TU wanted.

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