Monday, August 6, 2012

Paladino vs Dunce

I love this!

Dunce Clarey, the democrat .....errrrr.... "republican" operative and head of the Albany county GOP starts some shit with Paladinosaur, the disaster of a gubernatorial candidate.  Apparently, Dunce is trying to get in the GOPs good graces by defending the establishment's honor.  Carl is trying to challenge the establishment by exposing it in the only way he knows how, the art of bully diplomacy.

Read all about it, props to the TU:  Letter Wars Carl Paladino v Don Clarey

I am so happy this is happening because not only are these two DISASTERS, but they both have worked together.  See last year Paladino's sweety pie Deb Busch helped Dunce Clarey keep the ballot clear of any GOP opposition.  Both Dunce and Carl are gonna have to deal with that shit.

Same shit in Niagara, Erie, and Cattaraugus counties.   Albany and the nurse are not the only ones.

So, I took the liberty of emailing my boy Lebron to get his take.  Lebron was the one Clarey prevented from running against McCoy for county executive.  He pretty much took the high ground.  I suspect because he is working on someone's campaign and doesn't want to ruffle any patronage feathers.  But he did recommend a great scene from a great movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.  Not the one every body knows, but another one.  He wrote "lets just say I am Alpacino".

YES!!!!  Now, you guess who is Dunce Clarey!

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