Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alligator Man For County Coroner

The Alligator Man (Jose Lopez) is running for his second office in as many months. This guy runs for everything, library board, county ledge, common council, puppy catcher. But I think he has missed his calling, County Coroner.

A true candidate looking for higher office is willing to run for bigger races. The Alligator Man must think big if he wants to be victorious. A countywide coroner race will establish him as a true man of the people.

First, we all know the coroner office is a joke. It is filled by people who don’t qualify. Sounds familiar, sorta like the county executive office. Since they don’t qualify, then why do they have the job? Right, to funnel business to their funeral homes.

Second, The Alligator Man has no funeral business. He has no business whatsoever. Since there is no conflict of interest, he is already honestly qualified.

Third, the coroner race has also catapulted other great candidates like Debbie Busch. She was over qualified for the position. She had a master degree and another degree in mortuary science. If the Alligator Man is ever going to run for State Senate, assembly, or president of the United States, coroner is a stepping stone.

Fourth, coherent speech, some English proficiency, and ability to spell coroner are just preferred items. We know that’s not important for a job dealing with mostly dead people. Not to mention the cadavers staffing that office.

Finally, a college degree is not required. If McCoy is qualified to be county executive, the Alligator Man is qualified to be county coroner.

The Alligator Man for Albany County Coroner.
Because when qualifications don't matter, why should we care!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The McCoy-Scavo Plan: Fee for Service for Fire

What do you get when you cross an R2D2 looking pudgy bastard with no college education who is a union lackie and incapable of passing fire exams and a rusted C3PO looking creepazoid who stalks women (alledgedly), and tries to pick up underage chicks (allegedgly) and forges documents (allegedly) in a Delaware Ave. laundrymat?

Fee for Service Fire!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Legisloser Scavo wants to get rid of volunteer fire service in the Hill towns so the Albany Fire Department can charge for it. Yes, McCoy wants to charge the Rebel towns to put out their own fires. Big union move!!!

The Medusa Firehouse will now have to trade in their chuck wagon with water barrels and the dinner horn for a city slickin' firetruck. R2D2 and C3PO are freaking scary, and I don't live in the Hill towns.

Lebron is still running and the establishment GOP is not liking it. BUT...dems are responding to him.

Not to sound like Princess Lea in Star Wars but brother, You are our only hope!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lebron tells the GOP Chairman to Step Off

Here's whats up:

Lebron is the only one willing to run for a job the "others" don't want. Looks like the GOP executive committee has the brotha's back. The chairman apparently has a problem with him. What could it be?

Lebron is not a lawyer. That's it. Lebron is not a freaking attorney.

One of my republican buds in guilderland heard that the chairman even went as far as getting someone to primary Lebron and picked him the day before petition time.

Don Cleary, the GOP Chairman, sounds like an irish racist who downed a bottle of Jamison's before going to work. What the hell is his problem?

Here is the an article on the Metroland where The Don disses Lebron: Metroland

Here is the article where my Boy asks him to resign: Spotlight News

Don, I think you are in the wrong county. Wyoming is looking for some talent for their county.
Albany, Wyoming

In the end Lebron wins and The Don is a punkass and gets schooled!!!!

When was the last time a democrat was this bold?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take This Job and Shove It

Who knew the Albany County Executive job would be so unwanted by the GOP. Whalen drops out after not really announcing and now Mark Grimm is out. Who is he and why is he famous?

Town board member for Guilderland, radio talk show host (lets stop, it's on WVCR, a college station), author (wrote one book), business entrepreneur, and professor. In short, the most successful republican in Guilderland. Why doesn't he want the job? Who knows and who cares. Oh, wait Redlich is the most successful republican in Guilderland. Doesn't matter, the GOP chairman, Nelligan, doesn't care for either one. In short, Guilderland will go to the democrats. Runion may be the wisest man in that mall town.

Lebron has endured the 36 hour test and looks like he is still in it. And is the only one interested in a job that republicans don't want and democrats think have it in the bag.

With such great opposition from AlbanyCitizenWants, his viability is without question. With her great pageview rate, reputation as a campaign sucubus (now I am feeling bad for Corey Ellis), and career as a media mogul in the southwest, Lebron is opposed by the best.